Safe & Secure Trading

Coinspilot is one of the safest and most secure exchange with its policies and security measures. The crypto space in spite of the growing adoption rate is still plagued by the possibilities of a fraud.  Many exchanges in the past, including the best ones have fallen victim to online attacks. Therefore, we exercise great caution when it comes to delivering a safe and secure trading platform for Cryptocurrency users.

Our platform employs famous two-factor authentication (2FA) protocol in order to provide additional security to the users. The two-factor authentication (2FA) protocol is a process that puts an additional security layer on the top of login process. Traders can use 2FA by using Google Authenticator

Further, we also make use 100% cold storage. Cold Storage eliminates the chances of a hack attack due to its lack of internet exposure. Therefore, making your Cryptocurrencies impervious to hacker’s attacks

Also, there is no need to give away any personal identification to trade at Coinspilot. This eliminates any chances of a possible identity theft, which is a great concern when operating online.

In conclusion, Coinspilot is the platform to be at if you are looking for an exchange that can connect you to the potential of global crypto financial assets, while using advanced payment protocols and provides for a safe and secure trading space simultaneously.